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Aircraft Engine Historical Society

Historical aircraft engine pictures & documentation

Annual convention presentations & technical information

Wealth of historical documentation on piston, turbine, & rocket engines



American Power Boat Association

Official sanctioning body for majority of boat races in the USA



Official site for "World Famous" Bardahl Oil Additives

Original owner and sponsor of the boat


H1 Unlimiteds

Race site and owner group for facilitating Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

Current operators of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing


Hydroplane History

In-depth site covering the history of unlimited hydroplane racing

Multitude of historical articles and pictures


Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum

Information on restored, running raceboats

Wealth of articles chronicling the sport of unlimited hydroplane racing

Schedules and information on exhibitions for vintage unlimiteds


Mahogany & Merlot

Vintage hydroplane & boat event held each October in Chelan, WA.


Miss Thriftway

Replica of the 1955 Miss Thriftway

Construction photos and information

Historical information relating to the Miss Thriftway team


Miss Merion Bluegrass

Replica of the Miss Merion Bluegrass 7-Litre hydroplane


Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust

Preserves & archives the history of Rolls-Royce

Publisher of numerous books, including many on the Merlin


Tri-Cities Water Follies

Unlimited hydroplane race held each July on the Columbia River

Miss Bardahl has attended several times in the past


Vintage Hydroplanes

Official site of the APBA Vintage and Historic Division

Extensive directory historical boats and historical information

Schedules and information for vintage hydroplane exhibitions


WWII Aircraft Performance

Official performance data for a multitude of WWII era aircraft

Article detailing RR development of the Merlin during WWII

Performance comparisons (US Gov't) of Allied & Axis fighters


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