Rolls-Royce V1650 Merlin

It is well known that at the beginning of the war and during the battle of Britain, every RAF first-line fighter aircraft was fitted with a Rolls-Royce Merlin III engine, and the complete defeat of the German air force in August and September 1940 definitely established the technical superiority of our engines.

- J.E. Ellor, Chief Research & Development Engineer, Rolls-Royce 1944.


Packard built V1650-7 RR Merlin



Aircraft Uses

Linage (82 kb pdf)

RR Development (2.8 Mb pdf)

Boat Racing History (68 kb pdf)



Power enhancements

Detailed specs (2.54 Mb pdf)

U-40 Miss Bardahl Engine & Drive train Specifications

External views & component labeling - V1650-3 manual (860 kb pdf)



Cutaway Pictures

Overhaul Pictures



One Lap in the Life of the Green Dragon

Death to Turbines


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