The 1962-65 Miss Bardahl represented the final hull designed and built by the legendary Ted Jones.  It was the pinnacle of the Jones hydro design evolution.  While building on the success of the 1959 Miss Thriftway, the Bardahl featured key design changes that set the standard for years to come.  (See the 1962 Motor Trend article Aquatic Race Car for more details.)


The hull was much lower in profile, with significantly less deck curvature, allowing for better cornering & less tendency to kite.  Also, the sponsons were of a unique design with an inside bevel on the inside to better allow for sliding through the corners.


Many of the most successful boats in the late 1960's were copies of the 1962-65 Miss Bardahl's lines, and built by Ed Karleson.  These included the 1967 Miss Bardahl & 1968 Miss Budweiser




In the words of Associate Unlimited Historian David Greene, "It became clear that no boat in history could run at the same competitive speed as the MISS BARDAHL. She raised the heat record almost four miles per hour faster than any other boat had ever recorded."


It is appropriate that Ted Jones and his finest creation-the "Green Dragon"-entered retirement at just about the same time. They both went out a winner.


     - Excerpt from Ted Jones Remembered by Fred Farley


Bob Carver Photo

Jon Osterberg Photo

Bob Carver Photo

Original Miss Bardahl Construction Photos 1962-65 Miss Bardahl Hull Restoration
1962-65 Miss Bardahl Hull Specifications Color codes for the restored 1962-65 Miss Bardahl paint scheme (based on 1965 colors).

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