1962-65 Miss Bardahl Engine Overhaul

Engine builders: Ryan Smith & Dixon Smith

Dixon Smith - Racing RR Merlin expert & lead engine builder.


The engine overhaul is documented by engine and component sub-galleries.  Two engines will be built (with different gearbox ratios).  Dixon Smith is leading the engine efforts, as he was one of the original engine builders with Bardahl, Pay 'n Pak, and many other successful Merlin hydroplane teams.  He has advanced technology and supported air racing teams with Merlin engine development.  Dixon & Dwight Thorn are arguable the two leading experts on modifying a RR Merlin for high performance racing.


The galleries will open in a new window.  Once in the gallery, it is possible to move between sections without returning to the engine overhaul main page.


Gearboxes Blower Removal
Disassembly Bank Removal
Hose Construction    
Lower End Assembly    
Wheelcase Assembly    
Banks & Intake Log    
Blower Assembly    
Completing Assembly    
Trailer Fire    

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