1962-65 Miss Bardahl Hull Restoration

Restoration crew: David Smith, Dixon Smith, Skip Schott, Michael Hanson (not shown, Ryan Smith, Larry Hanson)

Michael Hanson - Project Lead on Miss Bardahl Restoration


The hull restoration documentation consists of 74 photo galleries, organized by year.  Each gallery contains a photo update and textual description of the work to date.  The galleries will open in a new window.  Once in the gallery, it is possible to move between updates without returning to the hull restoration main page.


2000 Delivery & take-apart
2001 Deconstruction; frame & string restoration
2002 Bottom & sponson restoration
2003 Bottom, sponson & deck
2004 Deck, painting & systems
2005 Systems & Museum of Flight display
2006-2007 Systems & floatation

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